Being a waiter is not easy but it has its perks. Tipping in restaurants is very common but sometimes you need to put in a little more effort to get a handsome amount. Here are 8 tips for you to follow and leave with a heavy pocket and a big smile every day.

1. The number one tip is to know that you are there to serve the customer. You need to keep them happy and satisfied not just from food but also with you. So do what they want and need so that you will be given a huge tip.

2. It is all about the timing. The first wish of every customer is to get everything very fast and then comes whether the food is delicious or not. In order to get a big tip, you need to be on your toes.

You need to be ready every time they call you. It does not matter if it is really busy tonight and you need to take a break for a few minutes. Get them whatever it is they want, right away and be ready to smile when looking at the tip.

3. You can’t just go up to your customer and attend them. You need to make them feel like they are welcomed, that they are important and you are enjoying waiting on them. So do not keep a poker face or show any sign that you are annoyed or tired.

Always keep a very warm smile while attending all of your customers. A few of the contestants in Miss America apply a little Vaseline on their teeth. This helps them in remembering that they have to be smiling and cheerful the whole time. You can try that too if you want.

4. Customers are sometimes a little hard to please. They think waiters are just some stupid people who could do nothing so that is why they have ended up here. Although many waiters have degrees and all.

Customers feel very unsure when a waiter only listens to their order list and remembers. They feel like waiters will get it wrong. So to win your customer’s satisfaction, always keep a notepad with yourself.

Just doodle a little circle or write ‘blah blah’ even if you want. Just act like you are noting their order down and look interested.

5. There is this famous phrase ‘A customer is always right’. Never even think that they are wrong and always keep apologizing.

Even if they say that their order took 30 minutes but you know it took only 15, Apologize and smile and treat them to something complimentary drink or something even, if possible.


6. Even though some studies show that you can get a higher tip if you slightly touch your guest’s shoulder while giving them their change back. But never in a million years ever do that.

Not everybody is okay with your touching them. Some people may take this inappropriately. But if a customer touches you and even if you feel a little uncomfortable, just smile and attend them. But do not hold back if you feel like the touch was inappropriate.

7. If you will follow all these steps, it is highly possible that you will get a good tip for sure. But do not feel let down if someone does not. There may be a reason someone could not give you a handsome tip.

8. Always appreciate the lip tip. It is the customer saying that you were good as a waiter or that they will tell your manager that you were good.

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