“I am so good at sleeping; I can even do it with my eyes closed”

Okay funny guy! Then care to explain, why have you started looking like a grandpa zombie? Sleeping is not just getting on a bed and going unconscious.

Sleeping is not just getting on a bed and going to a dream land of ours that we love and long for whole day, to be in a tiresome-free, happy state.

Our body is in a constant state of changes. It requires some precautions to be taken in order to stay healthy. We can’t just treat it any which way we find easy and later wonder why me?

Why is my body giving me such a hard time?

Now since an average man like you and I spend almost one third of our lives sleeping, our sleeping position really plays a vital role in the condition of our body, as it is a huge and essential part of our lives.

On average,people take ideal 8-12 hours of sleep a day. Although, due to anxiety/depression getting more common than ever or health issues, many people love too much sleeping now to escape from their problems and pains.

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But still end up being physically miserable, as it was the mind that got some peace, but the body stayed in uncomfortable state because of our bad sleeping positions.

To help you sleep better, in order to get the healthy and peaceful life you need and deserve, here howtorid have collected useful information and assembled them in an article to provide you a couple of ‘Best Sleeping Positions for a Good night’s Sleep’.


  • The fetal position
  • The soldier position
  • The side position
  • The yearner position


Many people are habitual of sleeping this position. When someone sleeps with their knees close to their chest on either side is known as fetal position. Its other common name is ‘fetus position’.

Therefore, this sleeping position is one the most common one.                                  

This position is ideal for pregnant women and people who snore, but again should be barred because of neck and back pain issues.


In a study, around 8% of partakers pick to sleep in the soldier sleeping position.

These sleepers are said to be calm and self-contained. But it’s a little hard to impress them as their standard bar too a little too high not only for others, but also themselves.

Unlike side sleeping, this sleeping position is pretty good for both back and neck pain. Lessen wrinkles too. But this sleeping position leaves you unsatisfied after your sleep as it is a little awkward and strict position.

Sleep is something that is supposed to make you relaxed and comfortable but this usually brings out snoring and not so good sleeping episode.


Around63-74% of people are side sleepers, so let us first do some talking on side sleeping.

Now you may be comfortable with right side sleeping, where as some prefer left side. But both have its cons pros so let’s discuss.

Left side sleeping has its pros. It is recommended by doctors. It is helpful in improving the digestion of your body and blood flow,as it avoids gastric reflux. Also recommend it to someone who snores, as it helps in stopping that. But we should keep switching sides, because if you get used of sleeping on any one side, you may suffer from kidney stones on the side you mostly sleep on.

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 The cons of this sleeping position are too dangerous to avoid it for our comfort, as sleeping on sides is without doubt the comfiest sleeping position out of all.  Side sleeping position causes spinal cord pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain.All of the pressure points and joints are affected too.

 If still you need to keep sleeping on the side, make sureyour bed and pillows are of great quality.


The second most well-liked sleeping position among people is where open both of your out to the front and sleep on side. About 13% people sleep on this position according to a survey.

Sleeping on your side can cause harmful health conditions as discussed above. But there is a way to cope with them a little.Keep a thin soft pillow tucked between your knees to support the spinal cord a little. And as doctors suggest, always go for left side but keep alternating between left and right.

So this was the list we prepared for you all. May it be a nap, a snooze or a good night’s sleep, we gave you options to pick your favorite sleeping position to always have good sleep.

A good sleep should be both comfortable and healthy. And now it will be!

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