Movie? Popcorn. Diet? popcorn. Gossip? popcorn. A snack that is tasty and helps in losing weight? yes please! But some time ago, we all heard this new scientifically proven fact that popcorn causes cancer. MICROWAVE POPCORN CAUSES CANCER It is important that we do some research and clear it all up if we can continue eating popcorn.


A chemical is used in the bags of the microwave popcorn. Iti s called PFOA (perfluorooctanoic).

A study was done on PFOA, where rats and mice were kept exposed to the said chemical for a time. And as a result, four types of tumors were found.

This chemical is not just in the bags of popcorn but all the other foods that require a packaging to be non sticky like pizza box,sandwich wrappers etc. Which is why, 90% of Americans have the traces of this chemical in their blood.


Mostly popcorn companies use ‘artificial flavors’ and chemicals like ‘diacetyl’.

Now many people already know about artificial flavors being unhealthy but Diacetyl chemical is a new word to some ears.

Diacetyl chemical is extremely harmful for health as it has the ability to completely damage the lungs. Damage so severe that it can only be cured with lung transplant. This allegation  on diacetyl came in presence when a report on popcorn companies workers was done.And diacetyl was found in them.

But the companies claimed that it is not a danger for consumers since diacetyl can only harm you when eaten. And since workers inhaled some too, on daily basis, it was found in them.

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 Although some popcorn manufacturing companies have started cancelling ‘diacetyl’ from their recipes and even write ‘diacetyl free’ on the packaging. So is it safe now? Not yet.

 It is just a play on words. Many news reports have been made on this topic stating that popcorn companies have introduced this new popcorn flavor called ‘butter popcorn’. Ingredients used to make butter popcorn have the chemical which is basically an alternate to diacetyl.

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If you are convinced that microwave popcorn causes cancer,and are concerned about your love for your favorite snack, no need to worry!

Here is an easy yet delicious recipe you can follow to make yourself some popcorn at the comfort of home.Since,homemade food is the safest option.

  • Stove top popcorn:

Treat yourself to some popcorn the stove top, with the help of lidded pot. All you need is some oils like olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. Buy some popcorn kernels, and use about 2tablespoons of oil for every half cup. And have these delicious popcorn any time you want at home.

  • Flavored popcorn:

Flavored popcorn’s are heaven! So don’t think just because you are making popcorn at home, just be happy with anything you get. You can add your own flavors on any homemade popcorn recipe,just like above mentioned ‘stove top popcorn’. Try to sprinkle some parmesancheese or garnish your plain popcorn with some olive oil to make it more delicious.

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Don’t be scared or shy away from experimenting with your homemade popcorn when it comes to adding to some flavor in to your popcorn recipes. Use all kinds of seasonings to add some flavor. 

A few seasonings we would like to suggest you are rosemary, cinnamon, melted red palmand hempseed salt mixture.

If you are not convinced about microwave popcorn causing cancer and think it is merely a fiction and want to continue eating from time to time, but still are a little scared.

Here is a little tip for you to follow to be precautions.

When opening a packet of popcorn, wait for a few seconds before digging in to let some air out. As you now know that inhaling puts you at a greater risk for cancer like those workers at popcorn manufacturing companies. And also, try to reduce your intake a little of foods that use no sticky and stain free packaging.

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